September 1
Chicken Boy’s Day
Emma M. Nutt Day
American Chess Day
Leaf Blower Birthday (1971)
Independence Day in (Uzbekistan)
Mary Had A Little Lamb Day (Published in 1830)
Pink Cadillac Day (Elvis bought for his mom in 1956)

September 2
Pierce-Your-Ears Day
National Blueberry Popsicle Day
Spalding Baseball Day (Albert Goodwill Born 1850)

September 3
Skyscraper Day
Uncle Sam’s Birthday
Sesame Street’s Barkley the Dog’s Birthday
U.S. Bowling League (Debuted 1921)
Uncle Sam’s Birthday

September 4
Kodak’s Birthday
Newspaper Carrier Day
Eat an Extra Dessert Day
Peter Rabbit’s Day (Debuted in 1893)
Quaker Oats Day (Trademark issued in 1877)
Beetle Bailey Day (Birthday in 1950)

September 5
National Shrink Day
Another Look Unlimited Day
Jesse James’s Birthday (1847)
Marvel Superheroes Birthday
Waffle House Day (Debuted in 1955)

September 6
Barbie Doll Day (1959)
The Great Egg Toss Day
Iguana Awareness Day
Pink Panther’s Birthday
Do It! Day (aka Fight Procrastination)
Dragon-Tails Debuted (1999)

September 7
First US Auto Race
GrandmaMoses Day
Blondie’s Debuted (1930)
Father’s Day in Australia
Google Commemoration Day
National Feel the Love Day
Raggedy Ann’s Birthday (1915)

September 8
Nixon Pardon Day
National Date Nut Bread Day
Independence Day (Macedonia)
Anniversary-Star Trek TV Premiere
Fight Procrastination Day – Do It Today Day

September 9
Wonderful Weirdos Day
Admission Day (California)
Chrysanthemum Day (Japan)
Birthday – Colonel Sanders (KFC)
Pampers Day (Debuted in 1961)
Hot Dog Day (First Sold in 1884)

September 10
Sew Be It Day
National Boss / Employee Exchange Day

September 11
Make Your Bed Day
Oh! Susanna Day (1847)
Remember Freedom Day
Libraries Remember Day
New Year’s Day (Ethiopia)
9/11 Observances and Remembrances
National Boss/Employee Exchange Day
“I Want to Start My Own Business” Day

September 12
Video Game day
Fantastic Four Debuted
National Policewoman Day
National Chocolate Milkshake Day
Josie and the Pussycats Debuted (1970)

September 13
Barbershop Day
Rosh Hashanah
Fortune Cookie Day
Positive Thinking Day
International Chocolate Day
Anniversary- Star Spangled Banner
National Peanut Day
Scooby Doo Debuted

September 14
National Anthem Day
National Pet Memorial Day
National Cream-filled Donut Day
TV’s ‘The Waltons’ Debuted (1972)

September 15
National Thank-You Day
National Care Givers Day
International Sing-out Day
National POW/MIA Recognititon Day
TV’s ‘The Lone Ranger’ (Debuted in 1949)

September 16
Stepfamily Day
Collect Rocks Day
Mayflower Day (1620)
National Working Parents Day
General Motors Day (first auto released in 1908)
Wrinkled Raincoat Day (No Need for an Umbrella Day)
Hurricane Katrina National Day of Prayer and Remembrance
International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
International eat an Apple Day
International Coastal Cleanup day
Trail of Tears Commemration Day
Road Runner’s and Wiley E. Coyote Debuted
September 17
Time’s Up Day
Citizenship Day
Air Force Started
Women’s Friendship Day
National Student Day
Responsible Dog Owners Day
Citizenship Day (Started in 1787) – National Constitution Day
International Day of Prayer & Action for Human Habitat
NFL’s Debuted (1920)

September 18
PCOS Awarenenss Day
New York Times Birthday 1852
Oprah’s Angel Network Birthday 1997
National Play-Doh Day

September 19
Opening General Assembly of the UN
National Butterscotch Pudding Day
Sesame Street’s Slimey the Worm’s Birthday
Holy Batman! Day (Adam West Born in 1928)
International Women’s E-Commerce Awareness Day

September 20
National Punch Day
First Railroad Station Opened
National Farm Safety Day
Happy Friends Day (ecard)
World’s Largest Chicken Dance Performed

September 21
Miniature Golf Day
Pause the World Day
Croissants Debuted (1529)
World Gratitude Day

September 22
Hobbit Day
Yom Kippur
Dear Diary Day
U.S. Post Office Opened
American Women in Business Day
National White Chocolate Day
Pledge Across America day
Band-Aid Invented (1921)
Elephant Appreciation Day
Ice Cream Cone Debuted (1903)

September 23
Checkers Day
Fish Amnesty Day
Kiwanis Kid’s Day
R.E.A.D. in America Day
The Jetsons’ Debuted (1962)
Airmail Started (1911)

September 24
Bullwinkle’s Debuted (1961)
National Bluebird of Happiness Day
Eat Dinner with your family day (resource link)
GRAND OPENING (World’s first toy store opened)
The Muppets Creator Jim Henson’s Birthday (1936 – 1990)
Gall Bladder Good Health Day (1886)

September 25
UNO Debuted (1971)
Mary Poppins Released
World Maritime Day
One-Hit-Wonder Day
National Comic Book Day

September 26
Record Player Released (1887)
Johnny Appleseed‘s Birthday (1774)
Shamu the Whale’s Birthday (1985)
National Food Service Employees Day
Rocky Horror Picture Show Debuted (1975)
Beverly Hillbillies Debuted (1962)

September 27
Crush a Can Day
World Tourism Day
Tonight Show Debuted (1954)
Fun and Fancy Free Day (1947)
Ancestor Appreciation Day
National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

September 28
First Airport Opened
Teacher’s Day (Birthday of philosopher Confucius)
Read a Child a Book You Like Day
Family Health & Fitness Day
Marshmallow Twisters Day

September 29
VFW Birthday
Happy Goose Day
Blackberries Day
Broadway Musicals Day
Quick Draw McGraw’s Birthday (1959)

September 30
Chewing Gum Day
Safety Pin Invented
Family Health and Fitness Day USA