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July 11th- I went to a McDonalds wearing a lime green tutu, the Luna Lovegood spectra scopes, and an Uncle Sam American hat. ¬†And I saw one of my friends from school, who thinks that I am an idiot.ūüôā

July 14th- I wore the same outfit as above to my track, and did hurdles!

July 15th- I created a chain e-mail about a war between ketsup and mustard.

July-17th- I found over a hundred keychains, and I bent a piece of metal with my bare hands, and then I went to a party where I fell asleep on the play-set and then I fell down the stairs and onto the slide, and then I slid down the slide.

July 18th- I went to a tee-ball game and then ran away to buy a coke slushee at speedway.

(I’m sorry that the things get duller and duller every time I mention these things, but I haven’t really had time to think these obsurd things through as much as the days went by)

November Holidays

Hey Guys! I am sorry that this one is a little different from the others, but it would’ve taken me a long time to get it like the others, once again, sorry, but I hope you enjoy!
Nov 1 –¬† National Author’s Day
Nov 1 –¬† Day of the Dead
Nov 1 –¬† Family Literacy Day
Nov 1 –¬† World AIDS Day
Nov 1 –¬† Men Make Dinner Day
Nov 1 –¬† Kite Festival in Guatemala
Nov 2 –¬† All Souls’ Day
Nov 2 –¬† Deviled Egg Day
Nov 2 –¬† Look for Circles Day
Nov 3 –¬† Sandwich Day
Nov 3 –¬† All Saints Day in Sweden
Nov 3 –¬† Housewife Day
Nov 4 –¬† Candy Day
Nov 4 –¬† National Skeptic’s Day
Nov 4Chicken Lady Day
Nov 5Guy Fawkes Night (bonfire night, fireworks night)
Nov 6 – Basketball Day
Nov 6 –¬† Saxophone Day
Nov 7 –¬† Hug a Bear Day
Nov 7 – Magazine Day
Nov 7 –¬† Notary Public Day
Nov 8 –¬† Try A New Recipe Day
Nov 8 –¬† X-ray Discovery Day
Nov 8 –¬† Thanksgiving Day in Liberia
Nov 9 –¬† Parade Day
Nov 10 –¬† Lung Cancer Awareness Day
Nov 11 –¬† Veterans Day
Nov 11 –¬† Remembrance Day in Canada
Nov 11 –¬† National Young Reader’s Day
Nov 12 –¬† Moms and Dads Day
Nov 13 –¬† World Kindness Day
Nov 14 –¬† Educational Support Personnel Day
Nov 14 –¬† Young Reader’s Day
Nov 15 –¬† America Recycles Day
Nov 16 –¬† Ramadan
Nov 17 –¬† Homemade Bread Day
Nov 17 –¬† Remembrance Day
Nov 17 –¬† Take A Hike Day
Nov 17 –¬† International Student Day
Nov 17 –¬† World Peace Day
Nov 18 –¬† William Tell Day
Nov 19 –¬† Mickey Mouse’s Birthday
Nov 21 –¬† World Hello Day
Nov 21 –¬† World Television Day
Nov 22 –¬† Stop the Violence Day
Nov 23 –¬† Buy Nothing Day
Nov 23 –¬† You’re Welcome-giving Day
Nov 25 –¬† Reminder!¬† One Month to Christmas!
Nov 26 –¬† Cake Day
Nov 27 –¬† Pins and Needles Day

Nov 28 –¬† It’s Letter Writing Day
Nov 28 –¬† Make Your own Head Day
Nov 28 –¬† Red Planet Day
Nov 28 –¬† Maize Day
Nov 29 – Square Dance Day
Nov 30 –¬† Computer Security Day
Nov 30St. Andrew’s Day
Nov 30 –¬† I Feel Well Day

December 1
Day With(out) Art
Eat A Red Apple Day
Bifocals at the Monitor Lieration Day

December 2
Coats for Kids Day
Abolition of Slavery Day
Special Education Day

December 3
Disabled Persons Awareness Day

December 4
National Dice Day
Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day

December 5
Bathtub Fun Day
Discovery Day (Haiti)
Walt Disney’s Birthday
National Commute With Your Baby Day
International Volunteer Day for Economic &
  Social Development

December 6
Special Kids Day
Pawnbrokers Day

December 7
Letter-Writing Day
Civil Aviation Day
Teacher Appreciation Day

December 8

December 9
Shareware Day
Day of the Horse
International Shareware Day

December 10
Hanukkah Begins

December 11
National Noodle Ring Day

December 12

December 13
Pick a PAthologist Pal Day

December 14
Alabama Entered Union
DNA Day (also celebrated April 25)

December 15
Cat Herders Day
December 16
Stupid Toy Day
Boston Tea Party Occured
Barney and Barbie Backlash Day
National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

December 17

December 18
Bake Cookies Day
International Migrants Day
Wear A Plunger On Your Head Day

December 19
Oatmeal Muffin Day

December 20
Sacagawea Day

December 21
Humbug Day
Flashlight Day
Forefathers’ Day
Don’t Be A Scrooge Day

December 22

December 23
Festivus Appreciation Day

December 24
Last-Minute Shopper’s Day

December 25
Kwanzaa Begins

December 26

December 27
Holocaust Remembrance Day

December 28
Chocolate Day
Call-a-Friend Day
Pledge of Allegiance Day
National Chocolate Day
Holy Innocents Day (Childermas)

December 29
Tick Tock Day
YMCA Founded
No Interruptions Day

December 30
Falling Needles Family Fest Day

December 31
One Voice Day
New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Resolutions
National Champagne Day
Leap Second Time Adjustment Day
Universal House of Peace Day

October 1
Fire Pup Day
Farm Animals Day
Intergeneration Day
Walt Disney World Opens
National Custodial Worker Day

October 2
World Farm Animals Day
National Custodial Workers Day
Charlie Brown & Snoopy’s Birthday

October 3
Child Health Day
Butterfly and Hummingbird Day
Day of German Unity in Germany

October 4
Ten-Four Day
Toot Your Own Flute Day
Balloons Around the World Day

October 5
Simchat Torah
National Depression Screening Day

October 6
Diversity Day
Mad Hatter Day
German American Day
Physician Assistant Day
Clergy Appreciation Day
Jackie Mayer Rehad Day
Lee’sNational Denim Day
Universal Children’s Day
Ivy Day (Ireland)
Child Health Day

October 7
World Communion Sunday

October 8
Children’s Day
National Children’s Day
Thanksgiving Day in Canada
Health-Sports Day in Japan
Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work Day

Ocober 9
Fire Prevention Day
World Post Day

October 10

October 11
Emergency Nurses Day
General Pulaski Memorial Day
Bring Your Teddy Bear to School Day
International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction
International Newspaper Carrier’s Day

October 12
Destiny Day
National Day in Spain
Columbus Day True
Scream and Shout Day
Discovery Day in Bahamas
Moment of Frustration Scream-  Day (scream 30 seconds)

October 13
Skeptics Day
World Egg Day
It’s Train Your Brain Day
Native American Day
US Navy Founded (Navy Day holidays)

October 14
Bald is Beautiful Day

October 15
Missouri Day
Dictionary Day
My Mom Is A Student Day
Sunday School Appreciation Day
National Poetry Day

October 16
World Food Day
Dictionary Day (Daniel Webster’s birthday)

October 17
Black Poetry Day
International Day for the Irradication of Poverty

October 18
Alaska Day
Boost Your Brain Day
Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce
National Day of National Concern About Young People & Violence Day

October 19
Mammography Day
Evaluate Your Life Day
Look Back On Your Life Day
Get Smart About Credit Day
Get to Know Your Customers Day
International Credit Union Day
National School-Teacher Day

October 20

October 21
Reptile Awareness Day

October 22
National Color Day
Mother-in-Law Day
Make A Difference Day
International Stuttering Awareness Day

October 23
TV Talk-Show Host Day

October 24
Sour Day
World Development Information Day

October 25
Sourest Day
National Denim Day
Cartoonists Against Crime Day

October 26
Mule Day
Horseless Carriage Day

October 27
Cranky Co-workers Day

October 28
Internet Day
Mother-In-Law Day
Statue of Liberty Dedicated
National Chocolate Day
Separation of Church and State Day

October 29
Red Cross Founded
Basketball Coaches Day

October 30
Devil’s Night / Mischief Night
Zero Tasking Day
Haunted Refrigerator Night

October 31
Books For Treats Day
National Knock-Knock Jokes Day
National UNICEF Day
Scare a Friend Day

September 1
Chicken Boy’s Day
Emma M. Nutt Day
American Chess Day
Leaf Blower Birthday (1971)
Independence Day in (Uzbekistan)
Mary Had A Little Lamb Day (Published in 1830)
Pink Cadillac Day (Elvis bought for his mom in 1956)

September 2
Pierce-Your-Ears Day
National Blueberry Popsicle Day
Spalding Baseball Day (Albert Goodwill Born 1850)

September 3
Skyscraper Day
Uncle Sam’s Birthday
Sesame Street’s Barkley the Dog’s Birthday
U.S. Bowling League (Debuted 1921)
Uncle Sam’s Birthday

September 4
Kodak’s Birthday
Newspaper Carrier Day
Eat an Extra Dessert Day
Peter Rabbit’s Day (Debuted in 1893)
Quaker Oats Day (Trademark issued in 1877)
Beetle Bailey Day (Birthday in 1950)

September 5
National Shrink Day
Another Look Unlimited Day
Jesse James’s Birthday (1847)
Marvel Superheroes Birthday
Waffle House Day (Debuted in 1955)

September 6
Barbie Doll Day (1959)
The Great Egg Toss Day
Iguana Awareness Day
Pink Panther’s Birthday
Do It! Day (aka Fight Procrastination)
Dragon-Tails Debuted (1999)

September 7
First US Auto Race
GrandmaMoses Day
Blondie’s Debuted (1930)
Father’s Day in Australia
Google Commemoration Day
National Feel the Love Day
Raggedy Ann’s Birthday (1915)

September 8
Nixon Pardon Day
National Date Nut Bread Day
Independence Day (Macedonia)
Anniversary-Star Trek TV Premiere
Fight Procrastination Day – Do It Today Day

September 9
Wonderful Weirdos Day
Admission Day (California)
Chrysanthemum Day (Japan)
Birthday – Colonel Sanders (KFC)
Pampers Day (Debuted in 1961)
Hot Dog Day (First Sold in 1884)

September 10
Sew Be It Day
National Boss / Employee Exchange Day

September 11
Make Your Bed Day
Oh! Susanna Day (1847)
Remember Freedom Day
Libraries Remember Day
New Year’s Day (Ethiopia)
9/11 Observances and Remembrances
National Boss/Employee Exchange Day
“I Want to Start My Own Business” Day

September 12
Video Game day
Fantastic Four Debuted
National Policewoman Day
National Chocolate Milkshake Day
Josie and the Pussycats Debuted (1970)

September 13
Barbershop Day
Rosh Hashanah
Fortune Cookie Day
Positive Thinking Day
International Chocolate Day
Anniversary- Star Spangled Banner
National Peanut Day
Scooby Doo Debuted

September 14
National Anthem Day
National Pet Memorial Day
National Cream-filled Donut Day
TV’s ‘The Waltons’ Debuted (1972)

September 15
National Thank-You Day
National Care Givers Day
International Sing-out Day
National POW/MIA Recognititon Day
TV’s ‘The Lone Ranger’ (Debuted in 1949)

September 16
Stepfamily Day
Collect Rocks Day
Mayflower Day (1620)
National Working Parents Day
General Motors Day (first auto released in 1908)
Wrinkled Raincoat Day (No Need for an Umbrella Day)
Hurricane Katrina National Day of Prayer and Remembrance
International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
International eat an Apple Day
International Coastal Cleanup day
Trail of Tears Commemration Day
Road Runner’s and Wiley E. Coyote Debuted
September 17
Time’s Up Day
Citizenship Day
Air Force Started
Women’s Friendship Day
National Student Day
Responsible Dog Owners Day
Citizenship Day (Started in 1787) – National Constitution Day
International Day of Prayer & Action for Human Habitat
NFL’s Debuted (1920)

September 18
PCOS Awarenenss Day
New York Times Birthday 1852
Oprah’s Angel Network Birthday 1997
National Play-Doh Day

September 19
Opening General Assembly of the UN
National Butterscotch Pudding Day
Sesame Street’s Slimey the Worm’s Birthday
Holy Batman! Day (Adam West Born in 1928)
International Women’s E-Commerce Awareness Day

September 20
National Punch Day
First Railroad Station Opened
National Farm Safety Day
Happy Friends Day (ecard)
World’s Largest Chicken Dance Performed

September 21
Miniature Golf Day
Pause the World Day
Croissants Debuted (1529)
World Gratitude Day

September 22
Hobbit Day
Yom Kippur
Dear Diary Day
U.S. Post Office Opened
American Women in Business Day
National White Chocolate Day
Pledge Across America day
Band-Aid Invented (1921)
Elephant Appreciation Day
Ice Cream Cone Debuted (1903)

September 23
Checkers Day
Fish Amnesty Day
Kiwanis Kid’s Day
R.E.A.D. in America Day
The Jetsons’ Debuted (1962)
Airmail Started (1911)

September 24
Bullwinkle’s Debuted (1961)
National Bluebird of Happiness Day
Eat Dinner with your family day (resource link)
GRAND OPENING (World’s first toy store opened)
The Muppets Creator Jim Henson’s Birthday (1936 – 1990)
Gall Bladder Good Health Day (1886)

September 25
UNO Debuted (1971)
Mary Poppins Released
World Maritime Day
One-Hit-Wonder Day
National Comic Book Day

September 26
Record Player Released (1887)
Johnny Appleseed‘s Birthday (1774)
Shamu the Whale’s Birthday (1985)
National Food Service Employees Day
Rocky Horror Picture Show Debuted (1975)
Beverly Hillbillies Debuted (1962)

September 27
Crush a Can Day
World Tourism Day
Tonight Show Debuted (1954)
Fun and Fancy Free Day (1947)
Ancestor Appreciation Day
National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

September 28
First Airport Opened
Teacher’s Day (Birthday of philosopher Confucius)
Read a Child a Book You Like Day
Family Health & Fitness Day
Marshmallow Twisters Day

September 29
VFW Birthday
Happy Goose Day
Blackberries Day
Broadway Musicals Day
Quick Draw McGraw’s Birthday (1959)

September 30
Chewing Gum Day
Safety Pin Invented
Family Health and Fitness Day USA


August 1
Sports Day
Play Ball Day
Girlfriend’s Day
National Sister’s Day
Spiderman’s Birthday
Woman Astronomers Day
Homemade Pie Day
Respect for Parent’s Day
MTV’s Birthday (Debuted in 1981)
Chopsticks Song Birthday (1877)
San Francisco Cable Car Day (debuted in 1873)
Holiday Inn Birthday (Opened doors in 1952)

August 2
Dinosaurs Day
Income Tax Inacted (Congress inacted in 1861)

August 3
Sisters Day
National Park Day
National Waffle Day
American Family Day
Airplane Crop Duster Day
Air Traffic Controllers Day
American Canoe Association Day
International Forgiveness Day
Sesame Street’s Prairie Dawn’s Birthday
National Baseball Association (Started in 1949)

August 4st 4
Backgammon Day
Hooray for Kids Day!
Taxpayer Appreciation Day
National Chocolate Chip Day
Coast Guard Day (Started in 1790)
Kentucky Fried Chicken Day (Opened in 1952)

August 5
Green Peppers Day
Work Like a Dog Day
National Failures Day
American Family Day
Pink Floyd’s Birthday 1967
Women’s Pro Football Day
Major League Radio Day(Debuted in 1921)
Take a Walk on the Moon Day
(Neil Armstrong’s Birthday)
Traffic Lights (First Installed in 1914)
Little Orphan Annie’s Birthday (1924)

August 6
Sister’s Day
Friendship Day
National Gossip Day
National Kid’s Day
Canadian Heritage Day
Wiggle Your Toes Day
National Fresh Breath Day
Lucille Ball’s Birthday (1911)
Vitaphone Birthday (1926)
Garfiled’s dog friend Odie’s Birthday

August 7
Sea Serpent Day
Beach Party Day
National Night Out
Professional Speakers Day
National Night Out (from 7-10pm)
Purple Heart Day (Started in 1782)
Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day

August 8
Swim Day
Admit You’re Happy Day
$$Dollar$$ Day (US dollar bill debuted)

August 9
Book lovers Day
Dance A Polka Day
Middle Children’s Day
Celebrate Your Lakes Day
National Hand holding Day
National Rice Pudding Day
Smokey the Bears Birthday (Debuted in 1944)
International Art Appreciation Day
Filipina-Americn Recognition Day
National Underwear Day

August 10
Gals Night Out
Spoil Your Dog Day
National Ragweed Day
National Duran Duran Appreciation Day
Candid Camera Day (1948)
Aspirin’s Birthday (1893)

August 11
Kool-Aid Day
Play in the Sand Day
Presidential Joke Day
National Garage Sale Day
Roller Rink Birthday (1866)
Annual Medical Check-Up Day
Mall of America Birthday (Debuted in 1992)

August 12
Daughter’s Day
Truck Driver Day
Vinyl Record Day
Baseball Fans Day
Eleanor Roosevelt Day
Chinese Valentine’s Day
International Youth Day
Bambi’s Thumper’s Birthday
Elvis Presley Commemoration Day

August 13
Herbert Hoover Day
Blame Someone Else Day
Annie Oakley’s Birthday (1860)
Eyeglasses Day (Debuted in 1287)
Taxicab Day (First Used in 1907)
Greyhound Bus Birthday (Debuted in 1914)
Wizzard of Oz’s Cowardly Lion Day
(Actor Bert Lahr’s Birthday)
Roller Derby Day (Debuted in 1935)
August 14
Victory Day
Color Book Day (1457)
Felix the Cat’s Birthday
Alfred Hitchcock’s Birthday
Wiffle Ball Day (Debuted in 1953)
Driving License Test Began (1893)

August 15
Best Friends Day
Angle Food Cake Day
National Failures Day
Sesame Street’s Bob’s Birthday
Wizard of Oz Day (Opened in 1939)
I Love Cowboys and Cowgirls Day
  Miami Dolphins Birthday (1965)
“Hello Day” (1877-Thomas Edison wrote a letter stating that Hello should be used to answer the phone instead of Ahoy as suggested by Alexander Graham Bell)

August 16
National Golf Day
No-Hitter Day (1876)
Elvis Presley Commemoration Day
Roller Coaster Day (Patent issued in 1898)

August 17
Airmail Balloon Day (1859)
Davy Crockett’s Birthday (1786)
Wrench Birthday (1835)

August 18
Bad Poetry Day
National Homeless Animals Day
Mail Order Catalog Printing Day

August 19
Potato Day
World Youth Day
National Aviation Day
“Black Cow” Root Beer Float
President Bill Clinton’s Birthday (1946)
Sesame Street’s Snuffleupagus’s Birthday
Indianapolis 500 Speedway Day (Debuted in 1909)
Orville Wright’s Birthday (Born in 1871)

August 20
Bamboo Day
National Radio Day
Tucson Birthday (1775)
Stay-at-Home with Your Kids Day
Summer CoolOff Day (Lemonade Debuted in Paris in 1630)

August 21
Poets Day
Christopher Robin’s Birthday
Oldsmobile Day (Released in 1897)

August 22
National Punctuation Day
National Tooth Fairy Day
Southern Hemisphere Hoodie hoo Day
Peppermint Patty’s Birthday
Cadillac Day (Released in 1901)

August 23
Valentino Day
Buttered Corn Day
National Gymnastics Day
Eat a Peach Day (Georgia Day)
‘Singing in the Rain Day’ (Gene Kelly’s Birthday 1912)

August 24
ShootingStar Day
Single Parent Family Day
Strange Music Day

August 25
Kiss and Make-up Day
National Neighborhood Day

August 26
Children’s Day
National Dog Day
Woman’s Equality Day
National Cherry Popsicle Day
Steamboat Day (Debuted in 1791)
Toilet Paper Day (Invented in 580)
Lucky You Day or Make your own luck day

August 27
Tarzan Day (1912)
Banana Lovers Day
“The Duchess” Who Wasn’t Day
Motorist Consideration Day
Mother Teresa’s Birthday (1910)
Kiss Me Day (Popeye and Olive Oyl First kissed)

August 28
Dream Day
National Bow Tie Day
Race Your Mouse Around The Icons Day

August 29
More Herbs Less Salt day (Eat Healthy Day!)
Mary Poppin Day (1964)

August 30

National Toasted Marshmallow day or
(Marshmallow on a Campfire Day)

August 31
Eat outside day
Princess Diana’s Memorial Day
Sesame Street’s Herry Monster’s Birthday


June 1,
Donut Day
Dinosaur Day
American Zoo Day
Stand For Children Day
Artists of America Day
American Indian Citizenship Day (Granted Citizenship 1924.)
International Mothers’ Peace Day
Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday
National Frozen Yogurt Day
Superman’s Birthday 1938
Career Nurse Assistants Day

June 2,
Dare Day
3-Ring Circus Day
I Love My Dentist Day
Leave the Office Early Day
National Rocky Road Day
Radio Patented (1896)
Sesame Street’s Oscar The Grouch’s Birthday

June 3,
Egg Day
Repeat Day
Doughnut Day
National Itch Day
National Cancer Survivors Day
Casey at the Bat Day (Released 1888)
Jefferson Davis Day
Cheer Coach Day
National Trails Day

June 4,
Cheese Day
Radial Tire Birthday
Socrates’s Birthday
Apple Computer Day
Children’s Awareness Memorial Day
Born in the USA Day (released 1984)
Shopping Cart Birthday (1937)
National Cancer Survivors Day

June 5,
Teacher’s Day
First Hot Air Balloon Flight (1783)
World Environment Day
National Gingerbread Day
National Attitude Day

June 6,
YMCA Birthday
National Yo-Yo Day
Be-Bop-a-Lula Day
Couple Appreciation Day
Drive-In Movie Theater Birthday
Drive in Movie Day (First One in 1933)
National Applesauce Cake Day
Chrysler Corporation Birthday
National hunger Awareness Day
D-Day Anniversary

June 7,
VCR Birthday
June Bug Day
Freedom of the Press day
National Cheer Coaches Day
National Family Recreation Day
Native American Appreciation Day
National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
Cartoon Character Kim Possible’s Birthday
Sesame Street’s The Amazing Mumford’s Birthday
National Tailors Day
Trial Technology Day

June 8,
Watch Day
Ice Cream USA
Abused Women and Children Awareness Day
Career Nurse Assistants Day
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Birthday
Vacuum Cleaner Birthday (1869)
Lassie’s Birthday

June 9,
Best Friends Day
National Marriage Day
Donald Duck’s Debut (1934)

June 10,
Children’s Sunday
Public Zoo Day (First one opened in 1793)
Ballpoint Pen’s Birthday
Race Unity Day

June 11,
Race Unity Day
Write To Your Father Day
Great Barrier Reef Discovered Day
National Hug Holiday
Abused Women and Children’s Awareness Day
Multicultural American Child Awareness Day
National Automotive Service Professionals Day
Great Barrier Reef Discovered Day

June 12,
Magic Day
Machine Day
Baseball Born (1839)
Little League Girls Baseball Day
(Little League Opend Up to girls in 1974)
Crowded Nest Awareness Day
Gas Mask Birthday

June 13,
Weed Your Garden Day

June 14,
Flag Day
Pig Callers Day
US Army Started
Family History Day
Blue’s Clues Debuted
International Peace Prayer Day
Pop Goes the Weasel Day
United States Army Created
Sandpaper Invented (1834)
Caldecott Metal First Awarded
Blood Type Awareness Day

June 15,
Go Fly a Kite Day
Power of a Smile Day
Ben Franklin’s Kite Experiment (1752)
National Electricity Day
Native American Citizenship Day
National Photography Day
Nursing Assistants Day
Recess at Work Day

June 16,
Fresh Veggies Day
No Orange Clothes Day
National Hollering Contest Day
Cracker Jacks Day (Debuted 1893)
First Helicopter’s Flight (1922)
Lady and the Tramp Released (1955)
First Roller Coaster Opened (1884)

June 17,
Eat Your Vegetables Day
Disneyland Opened (1955)
Work At Home Father’s Day
World Juggling Day

June 18,
Go Fishing Day
International Picnic Day
Macademian Nut Day
National Splurge Day
Casual Day (On the Friday before the summer solstice)
Family Awareness Day
Husband Caregiver Day

June 19,
Eat an Oreo Day
Garfield’s Birthday
World Sauntering Day

June 20,
Juggling Day
Bald Eagle Day
Plain Yogurt Day
Ice Cream Soda Day
Toad Hollow Day of Thank You
World Refuge Day

June 21,
First Ferris Wheel Opened (1893)
Dr. Pepper’s Released (1857)
Disney’s Lilo & Stitch Opened (2002)
Baby Boomer’s Recognition Day

June 22,
Take your Dog to Work Day
National Chocolate Eclair Day
Stupid Guy Thing Day

June 23,
Let It Go Day
Public Service Day
Mid-Summers Eve
National Columnist’s Day
Typewriter Patented in 1868
Yo-Yo Birthday (Pedro Flores Began Marketing in 1928)
Take Your Dog To Work Day

June 24,
Swim a Lap Day
National Forgiveness Day
America’s Kids Day
Museum Comes To Life Day
National Go Fly a Kite Day
The Lion King Released (1994)
Great American Picnic Day
Celebration of the Senses
Descendents Day

June 25,
Tennis Shoe
Eric Carle’s Birthday
LEON Day (Six Months til Christmas – NOEL Backwards)
America’s Kids Day

June 26,
Bicycle Patented (1819)
Toothbrush invented (1498)
National Chocolate Pudding Day
Sesame Street’s Maria’s Birthday
First Bar Codes Used (1974)
International Day Against drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
Please Take My Children to Work Day

June 27,
Sunglasses Day
Special Recreation for Disabled Day
Helen Keller’s Birthday
National Orange Blossom Day
National Columnists Day
Captain Kangaroo’s Birthday
Decide to Be Married Day
“Happy Birthday To You” Day
National HIV Testing Day
National Columnists Day

June 28,
World War 1 Commemoration
Paul Bunyan Day
Hand Shake day

June 29,
Camera Day
National Ducks and Wetlands Day
Peter and Paul Day
Leap Second Time Adjustment

June 30,
Meteor Day
London Bridge Opened (1894)
Corvette’s Birthday (1953)

May 1
May Day
Law Day
Loyalty Day
Save a Rhino Day
Mother Goose Day
Hawaiian Lei Day
Stepmother’s Day
Worthy wage Day
School Principals Day
Cheerios Released in 1941
Executive Coaching Day
Frequent Flyer Day
Library Legislative Day
New Homeowner;s Day
Couple Appreciation Day
Batman Debuted in 1939
Empire State Building Opened in 1931
Labor Day (Mexico and Canada)

May 2
Brother/Sister Day
National Baby’s day
Take a Baby to Lunch Day
Sibling Appreciation Day
Dr. Benjamin Spock’s Birthday (1903)
National River Clean Up Day

May 3
Kite Day
Lumpy Rug Day
Wordsmith Day
Paranormal Day
Make-A-Book Day
Sears Tower Birthday
Sun Day (Day of the Sun)
World Press Freedom Day
National Day of Prayer
National Scrapbook Day
National Public Radio Day
Colored Comic Book Birthday
National Meeting Planners Appreciation Day
National Anxiety Disorders Screening Day
Holocaust Remembrance Day
International Tuba Day

May 4
Space Day
Make-A-Book Day
Baseball League Day
4-H Began (1901)
Youth Day In China
National Day of Reason
National Day of Prayer
National Kids Fitness Day
Grammy Awards Birthday
Lunar Roving Vehicle on Moon
Susan’s Birthday (Sesame Street)
National Candied Orange Peel Day

May 5
Kentucky Derby
Japan’s Childrens Day
Museum Lover’s Day
Cartoonists Day (? date in question)
First American in Space
Yosemite Sam’s Birthday
First MLB Perfect Baseball Game (1904 by Cy Yound).

May 6
No Diet Day
Pilates Day
School Family Day
Join Hands Day
No Homework Day
O. Henry Pun Day
Scrapbook Day
Willie May’s Birthday
National Nurse’s Day
National Beverage Day
International No Diet Day
American Lung Association Birthday

May 7
Scale Day
Paste-up Day
International Tuba Day
Fire Escape Ladder Birthday
National Tourism Day
National Infertility Survival Day
Unity in Diversity Day
Great Lakes Awareness Day
Childhood Depression Awareness Day  (Wear a Green Ribbon)

May 8
No Sock Day
National Teacher’s Day
National River Clean Up Day
Harry S. Truman’s Born (1884)
International Red Cross Day

May 9
Tear the Tags Off the Mattress Day
First Newspaper Cartoon (In the USA) in 1754.
Sir John Barbie’s B’day (Peter Pan)
Dagwood’s Birthday (Blondie)
Hurray for Buttons Day
Peter Pan Day (Author James Matthew Born 1860 in Scotland)

May 10
Blood Pressure Day
Trust Your Intuition Day
National Receptionist Day
Clean Up Your Room Day
National Small Business Day!
Donate a Day’s Wages to Charity Day
National Nightshift Workers Day
National Third Shift Workers Day
National School Nurses Day
Root Canal Appreciation Day
Trust Your Intuition Day

May 11
Jigsaw Puzzle Day
Eat What You Want Day
National Military Spouse Appreciation Day
National Family Childcare Providers appreciation Day

May 12
Migratory Bird Day
National Nurses Day
Disney’s Goofy Debuted
Fibromyalgia Awareness Day
Native American Rights Day
Limerick Day (Edward Lear’s birthday)

May 13
Tulip Day
Windmill Day
Cough Drop Day
Astronomy Day
Mother Ocean Day
I Just Called to Say I Love You Day
Blame Someone Else DayInternationalo Migratory Bird Day
Jamestown Landing Day
National Babysitter’s Day
Stamp Out Hunger- NALC Food Drive
World Fair Trade Day
Native American Day

May 14
Crazy Day
Motorcycle Day
Race For The Cure Day
Underground America Day
Marshmallow Fluff Birthday
National Third Shift Workers Day
Drunk Driving Memorial Day
National Dance Like A Chicken Day
Star Wars Day (Creator George Lucas Born)

May 15
Dinosaur Day
Biographer’s day
Nylon Stockings Day
Over The Rainbow Day
Peace Officers Memorial Day
International Day of Families
National Employee Health and Fitness Day

May 16
Spam Debuted
Biographers Day
Nickel Day (US Nickel Minted 1866)
Wear Purple For Peace Day
Spaghetti-O Debuted
National Sea Monkeys Day

May 17
Pack Rat Day
Child Safety Awareness Day
Kids Helping Kids Day
First Kentucky Derby Ran
World Telecommunications Day
Turn Beauty Inside Out Day
Brown Bag It Thursday
Merry-Go-Round (1620 a Horse Powered Merry-Go-Round Debuted)

May 18
Head Start Began
Mount St. Helens Erupted In 1980.
International Museum Day
Visit Your Relative’s Day
Worlds Largest Lego Completed
Send an Electronic Greeting Card Day

May 19
Peace Day
Frog Jump Day
Sun Awareness Day
Armed Forces day
National Garage Sale Day
National Be a Millionaire Day
Natioanl Defense Transportation Day
National Bike To Work Day
National Children and Police Day
Celebrate Your Elected Officials Day
Ringling Brothers Founded Their Circus (Circus Day)

May 20
Flower Day
Eliza Doolittle Day
Weight and Measure’s Day
National Stroke Awareness Day
Blue Jeans Birthday (Levi Recieved Patent)

May 21
Neighbor Day
US Red Cross Founded
Victoria Day in Canada
National Waitresses/Waiters Day
I Need a Patch For That Day
World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue & Development
National Bike to Work Day
Armed Forces Day

May 22
Toothpaste Tube Birthday
Buy-A-Musical-Instrument Day
National Maritime Day
InternationalDay for Biological Diversity

May 23
National Taffy Day
Sea Turtle Day
National Pickle Day

May 24
Tiara Day
Brother’s Day
Victoria Day (Canada)
Mary Had A Little Lamb Day
Morse Code Day (First message sent in 1844)
Brooklyn Bridge?s Birthday. Finished in 1983
Methodist Church Birthday (1738)
Sesame Streeet’s Sam the Robot Debuted

May 25
National Missing Children’s Day
International Sing-out Day!
National Tap Dance Day
National Something day
PBS’s Arthur Debuted
Star Wars Birthday (Movie Released 1977)

May 26
Senior Health and Fitness Day
Dracula’s Debuted in 1897

May 27
Golden Gate Bridge Opened (1937)
Masking Tape Patented (1930)
Pop-Up Toaster Released (1918)
Cellophane tape patented
International Jazz Day

May 28
Morning Radio Day
Sierra club Founded
Slugs Return to Capistrano Day
Whooping Crane Day (First Born in Captivity)

May 29
Pink Flamingo Day
Honor your Ancestors Day
John F. Kennedy’s Birthday (1917)
International Day of UN Peacekeepers

May 30
Loomis Day
Water a flower Day
Hole in My Bucket Day
Lincoln Memorial Dedication
Hug your cat day (varied dates?)
Indianapolis 500 Day (First Race 1911)
Memorial Day (True)

May 31
National Macaroon Day
National save your hearing day
Great American grump out Day
National Senior health and Fitness Day

April 1
Sorry Charlie Day – Honor Charlie the Tuna who is always rejected
for the tuna fish can but keeps on trying.
Check Your Batteries Day – Sliced Bread’s Birthday (1954)
One Cent Day – Boomer Bonus Days – Lupus Alert Day
National Fun Day – National Love For Our Children Day
Sorry Charlie Day – $$$ The Dollar Sign’s Birthday (1778) $$$
Dishwasher Released in 1889 – Apple Computer Birthday 1976

April 2
Fun at Work Day – Sweet Potato Day – Yo-Yo Day
International Children’s Book Day – National Ferret Day
Youth and Teen Hockey Day – Reconciliation Day

April 3
Passover – Find a Rainbow Day – American Circus Day
National Chocolate Moose Day – Tweed Day
National Workplace Napping Day
April 4
Walk Around Things Day – Kids Kick Butts Day (Anti-Tobacco)
Chocolate Milk Powder Day (Debut 1828)
Student Government Day

April 5
Dandelion day – Bell Bottoms Day – Stories Day
National Read a Road Map Day – Fun at Work Day
Accelerate ACL Awareness Among Young Women Day
Paraprofessional Appreciation Day

April 6
National Alcohol Screening Day – National Fun at Work Day
New York State Missing Persons Day – Tartan Day
Teflon Birthday (Patented 1938) – Fresh Tomato Day
Post-It Notes Birthday (Released 1980)
TV Dinner Birthday (Released 1954)
North Pole Discovered in 1898
Jump Over things Day –

National Tartan Day
United States, Scotland, Canada Australia, New Zealand)
(Always April 6)

April 7
Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day – World Health Day
No House work Day – Hospital Admitting Clerks Day
Public Telivision Day

April 8
Tutor Appreciation Day – Milk in Glass Bottles Day 1879
Zoo Lovers Day – Astronomy Day (Astronomy)
Trading Cards for Grown-ups Day

April 9
Name Yourself Day – Listening Day
National Former Prisoners of War Recognition Day
Dry or Powdered Milk Birthday (1872)
First Public Library Opened (1833)
Winston Churchill Day – TV Guide is Born (1953)

Araw ng Kagitingan, also known as Bataan Day
(April 9, Philippines)

April 10
National Sibling Day – Golfers Day
Encourage a Young Writer Day – Salvation Army Founders Day
Commodore Perry Day

April 11
Barbershop Quartet Day – Eight Track Tape Day
Jackie Robinson Day (First African American in major-league baseball)
School Librarians Day – Thank You School Librarian Day

April 12
Reach as High as You Can Day – Big Wild Day
Big Wind Day – April 12

April 13
Blame Someone Else Day – National D.A.R.E. Day
International Plant Appreciation Day
U.S. Elephant Day (First Elephant Came to America in 1796)
Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday (1743) – Scrabble Day

April 14
National Pecan Day – Titanic Shipwrecked
Children With Alopecia Day – Pan American Day
International Moments of Laughter Day
Ex Spouse Day – April 14

April 15
Go Fly a Kite Day – Rubber Eraser Day
Take a Wild Guess Day – Equal Pay Day
Husband Appreciation Day – National Auctioneers Day
Tax Day (This Year is on April 17th Due to the Weekend)
Leonardo Da Vinci’s Birthday – Art History Day
First Mc Donald’s Opened

April 16
National Stress Awareness Day
National Eggs Benedict Day

April 17
Elis Island Family History Day
National Cheese Ball Day – Blah! Blah! Blah ! Day
Sesame Street’s Sherlock Hemlock’s Birthday
Daffy Duck’s Birthday – Petunia Pig’s Birthday

April 18
Yankee Stadium Birthday 1923
Pet Owner’s Day – National Animal Cracker Day
First Laundromat Opens Fort Worth TX 1934
Great San Francisco Earthquake 1906
Paul Revere Day – International Jugglers Day
National Stress Awareness Day – Tax Freedom Day

April 19
Astronomy Day – Patriot’s Day – Humorous Day – Garlic Day
Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day

April 20
Food Day – Make A Quilt Day – Get to Know Your Customer Day
Cuckoo Day – Look Alike Day – Volunteer Recognition Day
National Pineapples Upside Down Cake Day

April 21
  • Kindergarten Day: Kindergarten Day The First Kindergarten was founded by Friedrich Froebel in Germany in 1837, Kindergarten Day is a day to recognize the importance of play, games, and creative activity in children’s education.
  • San Jacinto Day in Texas: the day Texas won its independence from Mexico by defeating the army of General Santa Anna at San Jacinto. (partial staffing holiday) Joint Resolution 7, 14th Legislature, 1874. Section 1. link: Texas Holidays
Tuna Rights Day – Red Baron Day – Sesame Street’s Rosita’s B’day –
Jet Passenger Service Birthday – Battle of San Jacinto Day
Big Word Day: A day to use huge words on purpose just to impress.

St. George’s Day: April 21
honoring the patron saint of England. It’s a holiday in Newfoundland.

April 22
Earth Day – Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Day
Jelly Bean Day – Celebrate The Earth Day – Earth Day
April Showers Day –

April 23
Read Me Day – William Shakespeare’s Birthday (1564)
Home Run Day (Hank Aaron First Home Run
International Sing Out Day – Garlic Day
World Book & Copyright Day
Shirley Temple’s Birthday
Picnic Day – Fire Drill Day

Conch Republic
Independence Celebration
(April 23) – Key West, Florida

April 24
Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day – Sesame Street’s Natasha’s Birthday
National Puppetry Day – Sylvester the Cat’s Birthday
Mother, Father Deaf Day

April 25
  License Plates Day РNational Telephone Day
National Teach Your Children to Save Day
Arbor Day – National Crayola Day –
National Zucchini Bread Day

(Australia and New Zealand)
(25 April)

April 26
Professionals Day (National Secretary’s Day) now known as the International Association of Administrative Professionals Day)
Hug a Friend Day – National Bird Day
Hug an Australian Day – National Pretzel day
National Static Cling Day – National Pretzel day
Richter Scale Day

April 27
Woody Woodpecker Day (Creator Walter Lant’s Birthday)
National Arbor Day (Note States Have Different Dates)
Tell a story Day -Childcare Professionals Day
Playground Safety Day – Mule Day
Workers Memorial Day

April 28
Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day
Kiss your mate day – Poetry Reading Day
National Hairball Awareness Day

April 29
Zipper Patented 1913 – National Shrimp Scampi Day
Rebuilding Day – World Tai Chi & Qigong Day

April 30
National Oatmeal cookie day – Mr. Potato Head Day
Hairstyle Appreciation Day – National Honesty Day
Raisin Day – International Walk Day – Spank Out Day

March 1
Go Bowling Day
Share a Smile Day
Peanut butter lover’s Day
International Day of the Seals
Plan a Solo Vacation Day

March 2
Old Stuff Day
Pyramid Day
World Book Day
Cat in the Hat Day
Silly Putty Birthday
Babysitter Safety Day
World Day of Prayer
National Sales Person day
Read Across America Day
Dr. Seuss’s Birthday (Born 1904)
National Banana Cream Pie Day
Elmer Fudd’s Birthday (debut 1937)
Porky Pig’s Birthday (debut 1937)
Time Magazine Birthday (debut 1923)

March 3
Peach Blossom Day
National Anthem Day
(Congress Made National Anthem Official in 1931)
I Want You To Be Happy Day
National Salesperson’s Day
Shabbat Across America Day
33 Flavors Day (Baskin Robins Birthday)
What if Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs? Day
Alexander Graham Bell’s Birthday (1847)

March 4
Hug A GI Day
Stop Bad Service Day
Old Inauguration Day
Courageous Follower Day
National Pound Cake Day
March for yourself day
AAA Birthday ( founded 1902)
National Dance the Waltz Day
International Scrapbooking Industry Day
First Meeting of Congress (met 1789 in New York City)
Cadbury’s Chocolates Birthday (debut 1824)

March 5
Namesake Day
Saint Piran’s Day
National Cheese Doodle Day
8 hour day (Australia’s Labor Day)
Dr. Doolittle Day
Mother – in – Law Day
Healing From the Inside Out Day

March 6
Alamo Day
Read Aloud Day
National Frozen Food Day
Michalangelo’s Birthday
National Chocolate Cheese Cake Day
Fun Facts About Names Day
Oreo Cookies Day (Released in 1912)
Toronto’s Birthday (founded 1834)

March 7
Unique Names Day
Telephone Patented (1876)
Peace Corps Day
National Be Heard Day
World Day of Prayer ( Source)
Monopoly Game Birthday 1933

March 8
Aunt’s Day
Plant a flower Day
Middle Name Pride Day
International (Working) Woman’s Day (Source)
Day For Women’s Rights & International Peace
Learn What Your name Means Day

March 9
Panic Day
Girl Scout Sunday
Bang-Clang Day
Genealogy Day
Name Tag Day
National Preschoolers Day
Employee Appreciation Day
Barbie’s Birthday (Debut 1959)

March 10
Middle Name pride Day
Sesame Street’s Zoe’s Birthday
First Telephone Message (Sent 1876)
US first issued paper money in 1862
Harriet Tubman’s Birthday (Underground Railroad)
Salvation Army Birthday (founded 1880)
Mario Day (If your name is Mario this is your day)

March 11
Genealogy Day
Camp Fire Girls Day
Worship of Tools Day
Johnny Appleseed Day (Real Name John Chapman Died in 1845)
Frankenstein’s Birthday (Debut 1818)
Ezra Jack Keats Birthday (The Snowy Day)

March 12
Girl Scout Day
Commonwealth Day
First Library Opened
National Organize your home office day
Dennis the Menace’s Birthday (debut 1951)

March 13
Ear Muff Day
Good Samaritan Day
Planet Uranus Discovered
Uncle Sam’s Birthday (1830)
National Open an Umbrella Indoors day

March 14
Save a Spider Day
Learn about Butterflies Day
National Potato Chip Day
Casey Jones’ Birthday
National Children’s Craft Day
Organize Your Home Office Day
Pi (3.14159265…) Day
Albert Einstein’s Birthday (born in 1879)
Celebrate Scientists Day

March 15
Brutus Day
Ides of March
Buzzard’s Day
True Confession Day
Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

March 16
National Quilt Day
Lips Appreciation Day
St. Urho’s Day
Doctor-Patient Trust Day
Vitamin C Discovered (1932)
Everything You Do Is Right Day
Freedom of Information Day
National Preschool Teachers Appreciation Day

March 17
Submarine Day
St. Patrick’s Day
Companies That Care Day
Boys and Girls Campfire Founded (1975)
Rubber Band Invented (1845)

March 18
Forgive Mom & Dad Day
Supreme Sacrifice Day
Awkward Moments Day
National Biodiesel Day
National Quilting Day
Great American Meat Out Day / movable holiday
First Walk in Space 1965
Birthday of Sparky the Fire Dog (mascot of the NFPA)

March 19
Poultry Day
Let’s Laugh Day
National Chocolate Caramel Day
Swallows Return To San Juan Capistrano day

March 20
Act Happy Day
Well-Elderly Day
National Proposal Day
National Agriculture Day
Sesame Street’s Big Birds Birthday
Mister Rogers Birthday (born 1928)
Bill Martin’s Birthday (Author of Chicka Chicka 1 2 3 and Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You See?)

March 21
Memory Day
Agriculture Day
National Dance Day
Children’s Poetry Day
National Teenager Day
International Astrology Day
National Single Parents Day
National Teacher Appreciation Day
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Day
International Astrology Day

March 22
Roller Coaster Day
National Badminton Day
International Day of the Seal
International Goof-Off Day
As Young As You Feel Day
National Sing Out Day
World Day for Water

March 23
Dixie Cup Birthday (debut 1912)
Cable Car Birthday (debut 1858)
Near Miss Day (A Large Asteroid barely missed
(500,000 miles) hitting the earch in 1989)

March 24
National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day
Saint Gabriel Day (patron saint of communications)
United Nations: World Tuberculosis Day
Harry Houdini’s Birthday (born in 1874)

March 25
Pecan Day
National Sleep Day
National Waffle Day (see waffle week)
National Day of Celbration of Greek & American Democracy
First Pancakes (Made in 1882 in New York City)

March 26
Robert Frost’s Birthday

March 27
Kite Flying Day
Photography Day
Steam Fire Engine Birthday (1841)
Education and Sharing Day
Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day
Corkscrew Birthday (debut 1860)
American Diabetes Alert Day.

March 28
Eat an Eskimo Pie Day
Something on a stick day
Children’s Picture Book Day
Microfilm Birthday (patented 1922)
Americn Diabetes Association Alert Day
Greatest Show On Earth Day (Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey)

March 29
Coca Cola Invented
Vietnam Veterans Day
Love your Children Day
Knights of Columbus Founders Day
National Mom & Pop Business owners Day
John Tyler’s Birthday (Tenth US President.)
National Mom & Pop (Small Business Owners Day)

March 30
No Homework Day
I Am In Control Day
National Doctors Day
Vincent Van Gogh’s Birthday
Take a Walk in the Park Day
Pencil with Eraser Patented (1858)
National Hot Dog Day (see hot dog month)
Welcome Alaska! (Purchased 1867 From Russia for $7.2 Million)
Egg Incubator Birthday Patented (1843)
Five rings around Uranus (discovered 1977)
Double-Deck Bridge Day (In 1909 New York’s Queensboro Bridge Opened)

March 31
Tater Day
Bunsen Burner Day
Coloring Crayola Day
Orange and Lemons Day
National Farm Workers Day
National Sleep Apnea Day
National Clams on the Half Shell Day
National “She’s Funny That Way” Day
Eiffel Tower’s Anniversary (In 1889 the flag was hoisted to the top, it was built for the Universal Exhibition in celebration of the French Revolution)

February 1
Serpent Day
Women’s Heart Day
National Freedom Day
Royal Canadian Mounted Police officially started
Skippy Peanut Butter Created (1933)
National Girls & Women in Sports Day
Robinson Crusoe Day
Bottle Cap Patented
California Kiwi Fruit Day
Grand Central Station in New York Opened (1913)
National League Birthday (1875)
African American Coaches Day
Hedgehog Day
Self Renewal Day

February 2nd
Halfway Point of Winter
Four Chaplains Memorial Day
Sesame Street’s Elmo’s Birthday
National Popcorn Day
Create a Vacuum Day
Gumby’s Birthday
Rosa Park’s Birthday

Disaster day
Thank a Mailman Day
National Weather persons day
Hank Aaron’s Birthday (Born Feb. 5, 1934, Mobile, Al)
Move Hollywood & Broadway to Lebanon, PA Day
Peter Pan Day (Movie released in 1953)
Sale of the first Wiffle Ball

National Frozen Yogurt Day
Pay a Compliment Day
Babe Ruth’s Birthday (Born 1895)
Monopoly Board Game (released in 1935)

Send a Card to a Friend day
National Girls and Women in Sports Day
Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day
Charles Dicken’s Birthday (Born 1812)
Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Birthday (Born 1867)
Pinocchio Day (released in 1940)
Dump Your Significant Jerk Day
Leadership Success Day

February 8
Fly a Kite Day
Boy Scouts Day: Founded in 1910.

February 9
Hershey’s Chocolate founded
GI Joe’s Birthday (1964)

February 10
World Marriage Day
YWCA Birthday (founded in 1870)
Plimsoll Day

February 11
Be Electrific Day
Make a Friend Day
Pro Sports Wives Day
National Inventor’s day
La-Z-Boy Chair Day (released 1948)
Thomas Edison’s Birthday (Born 1847)
National Shut-in Visitation Day
Satisfied Staying Single Day

February 12
Man Day
Darwin Day
Pancake Day
Oglethorpe Day
National Lost Penny Day
First Barbie doll for sale
National Plum Pudding Day
Clean Out Your Computer Day
Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday (Born 1809)

February 13
Get a Different Name Day
First public school started (1635)

February 14
Read To Your Child Day
National Have a Heart Day
Telephone Birthday (1876)
National Call In Single Day
Race Relations Day
Quirky Alone Day

February 15
National Gumdrop Day
Susan B. Anthony’s Birthday (Born 1820)
Clifford The Big Red Dog (Debut 1963)
February 16
Do a Grouch a Favor Day
911 Birthday (First Call made in Haleyville,
Al in 1968)
DuPont patented Nylon patented (1937)

February 17
My Way Day
National PTA Day
Who Shall I Be Day
World Human Spirit Day
Random Acts of Kindness Day

February 18
Thumb Appreciation Day
Pluto Discovered (1930)

February 19
International Friendship Day
National Chocolate Mint Day
Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood (Debut 1968)
Cherry Coke’s Birthday (Released 1985)

February 20
Love Your Pet Day
National Student Volunteer Day
Post Office Birthday (1792)
Clean Out Your Bookcases Day
Columbo’s Birthday (First episode 1968)
Toothpick patented in 1872
Northern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day

February 21
Locomotive’s Birthday (1804)
International Mother Language Day
World Thinking Day (resource link)
Love your pet day
Single Tasking day
Ash Wednesday
Card reading day

February 22
Be humble day
Tooth Fairy Day– date varies
Pebbles Flintstone’s Birthday
George Washington’s Birthday (Born 1732)
Golf in America Day (Played in 1888)
Inconcenience Yourself Day

February 23
Tennis Day
Curling Is Cool Day
National Rationalization Day
Tootsie Roll Birthday (1896)
Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day
International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

February 24
National Tortilla Chip Day
National Trading Card Day
Sesame Street’s Gordon’s Birthday
Nylon Toothbrush Birthday (Debut 1938)

February 25
Quiet Day
Let’s All Eat Right Day

February 26
Thermos Bottle Day
New York Subway (1870)
First Movie Cartoon (1909)
National Pistachio Day
Levi Strauss Day (Debut 1829)
For Pete’s Sake Day

February 27
International Polar Bear Day
Mardi Gras Celebration (Begain in 1827)
No Brainer Day

February 28
Paczki Day
Spay Day USA
Floral Design Day
National Chili Day
Public Sleeping Day
DNA Discovered (1953)
Pockets Invented (1590)
Car Keys and Small Change Day
International Pancake Day
National Tooth Fairy Day

January 1
Universal Hour of Peace
Betsy Ross’s Birthday (Born 1752)
Paul Revere’s Birthday (Born Ja, n 11735)
Beanie Babies Introduced (Jan 1, 1994)
Australian Commonwealth Anniversary
National Environmental Policy Act Established (Jan 1, 1970)
U.S. Bowling Day (First Bowling Match occurred in 1840)
Ellis Island Birthday /Opened  (Jan 1, 1892)
New Year’s Dishonor List Day

January 2
Swiss Cheese Day
Happy Mew Year for Cats Day
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Day
Boo Boo Bear’s Birthday (Yogi Bear’s Friend)
  National Science Fiction Day РNight Vision was created
Jacob Grimm’s Birthday (one of the Grimm Brothers) Jan 2, 1785

January 3
Women Rock! Day
National Write to Congress Day
National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day
Spirit Robotic Rover Lands on Mars  (Jan 3, 2004)
Brooklyn Bridge Birthday (Construction Began in 1870)
Alaska Admitted as 49th U.S. State  (Jan 3, 1959)
J.R.R. Tolkien’s Birthday¬† (Jan 3, 1892)

January 4
Blender Created
Earth at Perihelion
Isaac Newton’s Birthday
Roller Skates Birthday (1863)
Louis Braille’s Birthday (Born 1809)
Jakob Grimm’s Birthday (Born 1785)
Sir Isaac Newton’s Birthday (Jan 4, 1643)
Appendectomy Day (1885 First Appendectomy preformed)

January 5
FM Radio Birthday (1940)
Bozo the Clown’s Birthday
National Second Hand Wardrobe Day

January 6
Pepe Le Pew’s Birthday
Sherlock Holme’s Birthday
Epiphany or Twelfth Night
Schoolhouse Rock Birthday (1973)
National Smith Day – Traditional to give everyone with the name of Smith a hug on this day.

January 7
Old Rock Day
I’m not going to take it anymore day!
Organize your home day — Clean out those closets!!!

January 8
National Joy Germ Day
Midwife or Women’s Day
National English Toffee Day
Show and Tell Day at Work
Milk Carton Birthday (1929)
National Show and Tell Day
Elvis Presley’s Birthday (Jan 8, 1935)
War On Poverty Anniversary (Jan 8, 1964)
One of MY best friends birthday

January 9
Word Nerd Day
Organize Your Home Day
Aviation in America Day
National Clean Off Your Desk Day

January 10
Peculiar People Day
Jeep Grand Cherokee Birthday
National Cut Your Energy Costs Day
First Meeting of United Nations (1946)

January 11
Secret Pal Day
International Thank You Day
Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day
Milk Day — Milk bottles delivered for first time in 1878.

January 12
National Handwriting Day – John Hancock’s Birthday

January 13
Sesame Street Rubber Duckie’s Birthday
Make Your Dreams Come True Day
Blame Somebody Else Day
International Skeptics Day

January 14
Ratification Day
Penguin Awareness Day
National Dress Up Your Pet Day
National Clean off your Desk Day
Bald Eagle Appreciation Days
C-Section Birthday (First successful Operation 1794)

January 15
World Religion Day
National Humanitarian Day
Champion of the Month Day
Elementary School Teacher Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday
National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day
Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley’s First Snowflake Photograph Jan 15, 1885

January 16
International Hot & Spicy Food Day
Dr. Dian Fossey’s Birthday (Jan 16, 1932)

January 17
Judgement Day
Customer Service Day
Ben Franklin Day: Ben Franklin’s Birthday (Born 1706)
Popeye’s Birthday (started 1929)
Rid The World of Fad Diet and Gimmicks Day
Operation Desert Storm (Jan 17, 1991)

January 18
Maintenance Day

January 19
Hat Day
New Friends Day
International Sing-Out Day
Get to Know Your Customers Day
National Penguin Awareness Day

January 20
Cheese Day
Learn to Ski Day
Inauguration Day
National Buttercrunch Day
RV Workers and Workcampers Day

January 21
Squirrel Appreciation Day
Women’s Healthy Weight Day
National Hugging Day

January 22
Celebration of Life Day
National Poka Dot Day
National Blonde Brownie Day
Answer Your Cat’s Question Day

January 23
Measure Your Feet Day
National Handwriting Day
Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Days
Better Business Communication Day
Pie Day — See our Pie pages for tips and pie recipes.
Compliment Day — say nice things to everyone you meet!
Spouse’s Day – make this day special for your spouse.

January 24
“Just Do It” Day
Eskimo Pie (Patenteran in 1919)
  National Speak Up and Succeed Day

January 25
Fluoride Day
National Opposite Day
A Room Of One’s Own Day
National Compliment Day
101 Dalmatian’s Birthday (1961)
Fun At Work Day – (Calendars also show it on Jan. 27th.)
Nellie Bly Returns From Her 72-day Trip Around the World Jan 25, 1890

January 26
Television’s Birthday
Clashing Clothes Day
Australia Day (Jan 26, 1788)
Toad Hollow Day of Encouragement
Rocky Mountain National Park (Started in 1915)
Disneyland Founded (Groundbreaking in 1954)

January 27
Wonderland, Birthday)
Holocaust Memorial Day
Mozart’s Birthday (born 1756)
National Activity Professionals Day
Mad Tea Party Day (Lewis Carroll’s, author of Alice’s Adventures in
Fun at Work Day (calendars also show it on Jan. 25th)

January 28
Pop Art Day
Challenger Remembrance (exploded in 1986)
National Blueberry Pancake Day — See our Cooking Pancakes for great recipes.
Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
Sesame Street’s Ernie’s Birthday
National Kazoo Day

January 29
Carnation Day
National Puzzle Day
Free Thinkers Day
Seeing Eye Guide Dog Birthday 1929
National Corn Chip Day

January 30
Snagglepuss’s Birthday
Yodel for Your Neighbors Day
Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Birthday (Born 1882)
National Inane Answering Machine Message Day
Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

January 31
Backwards Day
Child Labor Day
Eat Brussel Sprouts Day
Inspire Your Heart with Art Day
Jackie Robinson’s Birthday (Born 1919)